Matt Eagan and Stu Freeman at a recent Bullion Cellars Tasting.  (The owners of Bullion Cellars)

We have been friends for over 30 years and a business partners for the last 5.


Why we started Bullion Cellars

Every time Stu and I went to our favourite restaurants we saw and drank amazing wines, but when I tried to purchase these wines to drink at home, I could not find them anywhere. (And I have been in the production side of the wine industry for almost 20 years)!

I talked to the sommeliers of these restaurants and I soon realised that unless I owned a bottle shop or a restaurant and purchased these wines from the importers and wholesalers, they just weren’t available.

I  soon learnt that there was no one offering what we wanted so over a few dinner parties with the Freemans we came up with our idea.

A premium wine club that sent us 3 bottles of each wine, chosen by the best sommeliers in Australia and sourced from the great wine regions of the world.  There will be only two rules –  No dud bottles in the selections – ever and always three red wines and one white in the selection!

The real discovery was the Imported wines we had access to and this is something we plan to investigate with our members over the months and years to come.


The Bullion Drop

The Bullion Drop was started when we realised we had access to some great wines perfect for your midweek drinking or more casual dining. These wines should be retailing for $30 but we are able to offer them in the sweet spot of $15-$25.

We know we are offering the best wine specials on the internet.


We Trust the Sommelier

Each quarter we will deliver you a mixed dozen of exclusive Imported and Australian wines, chosen by the sommeliers of our country’s finest restaurants.

  • These are fantastic high quality wines from regions and producers you may not be famiiar with, but like us you will learn to trust in their selections!
  • Bullion Cellars can offer this for only $439 for each mixed dozen (plus delivery).
  • This is amazing value when you consider these wines should retail between $35- $50 or between $60-$90 on a restaurant wine list.
  • Unlike other clubs, there is no lengthy contract – You may leave or postpone your membership at any time, although we don’t think you will, once you try the wines and experience our service.


Our Sommeliers

A lot of guess work can be taken out of wine selection when you know the history of the winery. This involves the type of winemaking practices used, the regions they source from and the quality of fruit used.

Our wine experts have a long and rich knowledge of this track record. They work as sommeliers in some of the top restaurants and clubs in Australia, whose job it is to taste different wines every day and refine this to the chosen few, not only from within Australia but also from the major International wine regions.

Each dozen will include a piece of history about the wines – our Bullionaire Newsletter.  Including why a certain vintage is well regarded, why some regions produce a style that is a step above and what makes a particular winemaker a master in their field.

Each delivery unlocks a piece of the puzzle that will help you identify the types of wines that  YOU want to drink now or later.


The Bullion Cellars Premium Mixed Dozen

Unlike other clubs, we deliver 3 bottles of each wine per delivery.  Why?

  • Because we don’t know what your dinner parties are like, but if they are like our’s, one bottle is never enough!

You can also order more of your favourite wine from our deliveries, direct from us:

  • ensure your cellar is stocked with tried and tested wines you know you’ll enjoy
  • our purchasing power and extensive network means you will have access to wines that are difficult to source from traditional retail outlets.

Wouldn’t it be great to always have top class wines on hand for your next special occasion.

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