Why buy premium wines online?


Online shopping is hardly news. We search for the best prices, click a couple of buttons and just like that a new shiny thing is on its way to our house. It’s cheaper, way more convenient than the traditional way of buying things if you ask me. Same general online shopping principles apply to buying wine online and in this article we’ll give you three excellent reasons to click your way to Bullion Cellars online store and get yourself a bottle of delicious wine. Our sommeliers work hard to create an interesting and varied collection each season for our customers to enjoy and we’ love for you to give it a try.

It’s easy.


Convenience. I can’t stress this enough. Selecting wines in a crowded store on a Friday and carrying heavy bags around town? No thanks. Buying wine online makes the shopping part a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. You’ll have time to get to know the wines properly and check for ideal food pairings. And you won’t even have to put your pants on! If that isn’t living your best life, what is?

It helps you save your hard earned dollars.


Buying online is cheaper. You’ll get a better quality bottle for less a lot less and who doesn’t like that? It’s true, most online wine stores can’t compete with the big chains’ cheap-o 5 dollar bottles, but the quality is also very different. Mass produced bulk wine is hardly a party in your mouth. This is where Bullion Cellars online shop shines; we carry those more rare, complex and downright exquisite bottles you won’t find at your local corner bottle shop.

The selection. It’s a lot better.


For us this is the biggest selling point that makes our online wine shop a true no-brainer. Bullion Cellars carries a selection from smaller wine producers from all around the world. The selection is curated by some of Australia’s top wine experts which makes the selection suitable for even the most demanding wine connoisseur. You can mix and match Australian and international wines to create a fun and tasty medley of flavours to suit any dinner party. Each season we also hope to open our customers’ horizons a bit when it comes to wine by introducing unusual flavours in form of wines with character.

Bullion Cellars allows you to either pick and choose from a wide range of carefully selected bottles or to make things even more convenient for yourself join our wine club to get a sommelier selected box of delectable wines delivered to your house each quarter.

Oh, and did I already mention that Bullion Cellars offers its customers a 100% money back guarantee? If you don’t like the wine, you’ll get a full refund. Obviously same goes for corked wines. We really believe in our product and want our customers to feel safe when buying our premium wines online. 

If you’re interested go take a peek at our shop. You can either become a member of Bullion Wine Club, one of top Australian wine clubs or buy bottles separately from Bullion Drop which offers bottles in that sweet 20 dollar price point.

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